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9th PCO Saskatoon, Canada, 27 - 29 September 2015


It is our great pleasure to announce the Ninth Global Conference on Power Control and Optimization PCO 2015 which is held in Saskatoon, Canada in September 27-29  The conference is concerned with abstract only; while the paper will be published in a journal. Authors are invited to submit the abstract and the paper to the STEMfest organizing committee, the paper will be sent to the journal, which will be peer reviewed by the journal editorial boards. The journal that is committed with PCO conference is the global journal of technology and optimization GJTO, There are also other special issue journals (logos below), authors can select any one they like. Abstract book will be given to the registered delegates only during the conference event in a CD or pen drive


The scope of the conference is contemporary and original research and educational development in the area of mechanical, electrical, communication, sustainable energy, controllers, robotics, wireless control, biomedicine, computing, nano-science, management, environment, business, continuous and hybrid optimization.


PCO event is now a part of a big festival STEMfest. The festival contains 9 conferences and many exhibition booths as well as 16 events are conducted in parallel or cascade. PCO will be one of these conferences. There will be no conference proceeding any more and all papers will be published in a journal of science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEMplant. Author should sign up and register here


Please note, this PCO website will be expired by September 2014. Any PCO events onwards should be checked at STEM STATES website






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